The Path of Mystica
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The Path of Mystica, written by Billy Barefoot Yogi, is a heartfelt, direct, and honest approach to awakening, spirituality, and self-discovery. Billy uniquely guides the reader not only to awakening, but also through awakening---he utilizes his vision of the "Seven Levels of Human Perception", and describes the loops that can often occur on a spiritual journey. This book revolutionizes the idea of what it means to be spiritual or to "awaken", and validates that we are all on our own unique journey and even helps the reader connect to their own experiences. The Path of Mystica incorporates humility, humor, and user-friendly language---as if you were having a conversation with a friend. 

The Path of Mystica book is now available via pre-sale! The book is publishing in the next few days!

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The Path of Mystica: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Awakening -

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The Path of Mystica: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Awakening -



The Path of Mystica: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Awakening -

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Please enjoy this excerpt from The Path of Mystica book! 

Chapter One: Who I Am and Why I’m Writing This Book



Coming out of a meditation class one evening, a student remarked on how much I was glowing. She said that I seemed so happy and peaceful and asked me what my secret was. I explained to her that ten years prior I wasn’t very peaceful or happy. In fact, I was quite a mess! I had been through many broken marriages, countless jobs, and was full of ego, addiction, anger issues, anxiety, depression, poor eating habits, and, at the age of 28, a broken body. But something started to shift. Something powerful and dramatic! I began to change. Evolve. Wake up! I also began to heal from a lifetime of trauma, bad decisions, and a plethora of mind patterns that seemed to be working against me.

She excitedly interrupted, “Yes! I feel like you are describing my life perfectly! Please tell me how you got here!” There was a long pause... I quietly reflected for a moment. “I made changes, I let go of things that weren’t serving me any purpose, and I surrendered to my own heart.” Surprisingly she looked as if she was waiting for more. Did I not just give the greatest answer ever? The most simple answer ever? An answer so universal that it could fit anybody’s life, regardless of intelligence, background, or belief system? “Please tell me what I need to do in detail. What step do I take first?” After another moment of reflection I told her that I would contemplate her question and let her know. After she left I was in awe. First, because if you knew who I was 20 years ago you wouldn’t be asking me for advice! Second, because I began to realize that I had accomplished what many see as impossible. But how did I do it? Why me? I’m no different than anyone else. Or at least that’s how I felt in that moment. But what I didn’t know was something very powerful transformed within me and I needed to figure out exactly what that was and how to express that to other people.

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So I began to search for the answer. Class after class, teaching yoga and meditation, I began to look out into the crowds of sweaty bodies, eyes fixed upon my every word, waiting for instruction to move into the next pose or the next cue to quiet their overactive minds. I was guiding these beautiful souls to a wonderful place, a powerful place, a place of self-discovery! But was I just guiding them into a mere taste of a quiet mind? A taste of peace? Only for them to return to their old habits of self-destruction? What good is that? Well, perhaps it serves some purpose but I want to take people all the way! I want everyone to have the best life ever! To make the best out of their life! To live their truth! To discover who they are and why they’re here on this planet and how all of this relates to this “thing” we call “God” and the Universe! That’s what I had discovered and I wanted to share it.


I knew that what had shifted within me was a miracle. It was profound. I certainly was no scholar or religious devotee. Quite the opposite. I was rough. I was not what most people would call a “good” person. Since the age of nine, I went from one addiction to another. I was naturally clever and I used this to manipulate people. I destroyed relationships. I was a control freak. I also struggled with several major addictions that took so much time away from myself, my family, and what it was my heart was really wanting to do in this life. I had also developed so much anxiety that I couldn’t even leave my house! I was thoroughly broken but functioning. And all of this interfered with me chasing after worldly success in some form or another. How could I be successful if people knew the truth of who I really was in all of my problems and dysfunctions? Did I even know the truth of who I really was?


I’m sure many of you reading this can relate on some level. Trying to find a person in this world who is truly happy and content is very far and few between. Or just trying to find someone “real”. Someone who isn’t putting on show. It’s no wonder we live in a fake world. Everyone is so scared to just be themselves. To be different. To live their truth.


Now, like many others, of course I tried the traditional coping methods. Therapy didn’t seem to work for me. Quite honestly, it was a joke. That’s not to say that the science of psychology is a joke---it’s the application that didn’t feel right with me. I didn’t just want advice, I wanted a connection. I didn’t just want to be fixed, I wanted to be healed! I wanted to step outside of it all and awaken into something brand new, something fresh! I wanted to hit the reset button and start over again. I wanted to be reborn! Hmm… Yes! That’s it! Religion!?


I had always really loved the person of Jesus but I couldn’t stand church. It all seemed so fake to me. I tried hundreds of churches and none of them resonated with what I was deeply searching for. What I saw was lies and deceit. I saw people trading in one false personality for another. Neither which seemed to alleviate suffering. There were exceptions of course. I have certainly witnessed people in church be completely transformed in a matter of a single moment never to look back! But that didn’t work for me. I wanted to find the ultimate truth! Truth that transcends all languages, all words, and all books! Even in my mess of a life something within me knew it existed. I could feel it but I just couldn’t seem to encompass it. After dabbling in a few other religions, philosophies, and belief systems, I gave up. I just didn’t care anymore. And then something happened...


But before we get to that, let’s fast forward a bit. So there I was standing in front of another packed out yoga class. Class had not even begun and I could hear the sweat drops hitting the floor. Drip. Drip. Drip. Thirty hungry souls, many of them as desperate as I was twenty years earlier, trying this so-called “new age” practice to see if there was any glimmer of hope to just be happy and heal and to live an untainted life. With each breath I could see their faces light up! Decades of locked up energy being released! Tears streaming down faces, smiles that could no longer be held back! “Don’t come into my class breathing  shallow,  anxiety-ridden  breaths,”  I  would  yell.  “Or I’m going to hit you with my stick!” Yes, I have threatened many with the bamboo stick hanging on the yoga room wall, in a humorous way, yet never actually using it on anyone. It was the point that was important. Yoga and meditation are a discipline. Don’t come into my class and fuck around! You cannot evolve and change unless you are 100% in!


In the months following my conversation with that meditation student that night, little by little I began to unravel the secrets to my transformation. All of the little steps I took to wake up! To really wake up! To let go of all of the things that were no longer serving me any purpose! Yes, that’s it! For years, as I had evolved and changed, I was speaking these little mantras in every class I taught! I was undoing all that had been done! Through all of my research in psychology, neuroscience, yoga, the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, and hundreds of saints and sages, I had discovered a profound, yet simple, working formula! A formula that revolutionized not just everything I thought I was, but showed me through my own experience just who it was that was seeing all of this unfold within me. And although it has been a long journey, it has been a truly amazing and beautiful one. So now here I am. And to the student who asked me after class how I got here and to all seekers everywhere, I present to you my journey of spiritual awakening and the steps I took to get here. I call this journey “The Path of Mystica”!