Mystica is everything. It is nothing. It is that which cannot be described yet is the substratum of our being. It is our one, true, original nature. Mystica is both the path and the destination. It is the “space” that is no further than our own heart.


Mystica is Love. It is Peace. Yet, it is also beyond the concepts of both love and peace. It is naked. It is pure. Yet, even these words draw pictures that are untrue, unreal, and false. It is a paradox. Mystica is nothing. Yet, it is everything.


Mystica is beyond description. Beyond division. Beyond subject and object. It is divine, whole, holy. It is beyond worshipper and worshipped. There is no image, deity, idea, doctrine, religion, or word that can express the Ultimate Truth. The Absolute Truth. The Oneness. The Union. The… 


Mystica calls us to wake up and embark on a journey to know what this truth is about and only by its grace do we chase after "it", until we realize that what we have always sought has also always been seeking us. All of us. In this space no one is left behind. Mystica is Here and Now and it meets you right where you are. Welcome…


Mystica is both the Path and the Destination.


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Billy Barefoot Yogi is an award winning yoga, meditation, and spiritual teacher as well as the author of The Path of Mystica, a practical guide to awakening, and on how to discover our truest self through the practice of surrender, self-inquiry, and meditation. Billy is available for one-on-one meetings, group sessions, and retreats.

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